Putaine offers giftcards that last forever. Do you want to give away a night to remember? We’ve got you covered.

To receive the card please choose:

1. Pick up at Putaine (wed-sat from 11.30 till late)
2. By post with track and trace send within two working days. Please make sure you fill in a 1 in the shipping field in the form below.

Looking for a different amount or sending the card internationally? Please get in touch by sending us an email: hello@restaurantputaine.nl


Gift Card €25
€ 25,00
Gift Card €50
€ 50,00
Gift Card €100
€ 100,00
Gift Card €150
€ 150,00
Gift Card €200
€ 200,00
Gift Card €250
€ 250,00
Shipping (including track and trace)
€ 4,60