Putaine offers giftcards that last forever. Do you want to give away a night to remember? We’ve got you covered.

If you would like to pick up the giftcard, you can leave the shipping option and address lines empty.

If you would like to have the giftcard sent by post to your own address or right away to the address of the receiver of the giftcard, please mark the shipping box with 1 and fill in the requested information. The gift card will be sent with track & trace for privacy and security reasons.

Want to send the card internationally? Please get in touch by sending us an email: hello@restaurantputaine.nl

Looking for a different amount, for example €75, please select 1 x €25 and 1 x €50. If two separate giftcards are needed, please make a separate order.


Gift Card €25
€ 25,00
Gift Card €50
€ 50,00
Gift Card €100
€ 100,00
Gift Card €150
€ 150,00
Gift Card €200
€ 200,00
Gift Card €250
€ 250,00
Shipping (including track and trace)
€ 4,85